MiniITX has long been the domain of Via, where their low-performing but incredibly low power CPUs have made a remarkable home in many tiny PCs. They're about to face some fierce competition, though, with Intel getting ready to take a step into the MiniITX market. Their new "Little Valley" boards, starting with the D201GLY, will be paired a Yonah-based Celeron in what will be an "all-in-one" option, much like the EPIA boards are today.

The new boards sports onboard audio, video, DVD decoding and others, but come with very limited expansion options. The CPUs to be paired with the board are single-core and start at 1.33GHz. Now we'll have to see how they perform, clock for clock, compared to Via's cores. However, where the real key will be is how it performs as a fully integrated solution that, above all, is low-power. Intel expects to begin making these series units available starting no later than June.