Fujitsu will shortly be introducing a 250GB 2.5" drive to retail with their next iteration of the "MHY2 BH" series drives. Though Fujitsu isn't announcing spindle speeds at this time, with it's relatively low power demands of 1.9W during writes and being that it is a first for Fujitsu, it will likely be a 4200RPM model. Fujitsu plans to make the drive available before the second half of this year, which is coming up quickly. Given Fujitsu's increased focus on SSDs and their exit from the 1.8" HDD market, it is almost surprising to see them still planning to continue their 2.5" line. However, just over 6 months ago, Fujitsu also announced their development of an ultra dense magnetic storage method, which may enable them to produce much larger 2.5" drives in a short amount of time.

250GB 2.5" drives aren't terribly impressive as many vendors have announced them, but they are certainly in low supply.