As we watch AMD try and pull themselves out of the hole they have been stuck in for a while now, we are hearing more and more information from them as Barcelona approaches. Now, Digitimes has an excellent interview with Patrick Patla of AMD, who is the director of the server/workstation division of AMD. The interview is two parts, the second part of which will be released tomorrow. It definitely shows that AMD has big and bold plans, with them going for a massive 30% market share in server CPUs with Barecelona-based Opterons. They also talked about upgrade possibilities, even in the server environment. It seems many Socket 1207 platforms will be able to handle newer CPUs:

Since that original launch in 2003 we've been more than doubling platforms in 1P, 2P and 4P space, and now all those platforms out there, all those socket 1207 platforms are now Barcelona candidates. With a BIOS upgrade all those are going to be able to go to quad-core.
They also go over performance expectations, performance-per-watt gained by moving to quad core, virtualization and much more. It is a lengthy interview, but well worth the read if you want to know what AMD is up to. After reading it, I actually feel that AMD might not be in such bad shape.