So many silent months from AMD, and now two interviews this week alone. They're definitely feeling the pressure from Intel and want to get back in touch with their customers. In this four page interview with Phil Hester, AMD's CTO, a lot of interesting information is spilled. Not only on their upcoming technologies, but on their stance towards Intel and their place in the market. Mr. Hester believes the two chip giants will continue to "ping-pong", but claims that AMD is still in a very competitive position. He's also optimistic about the future of ATI. Elaborating on their decision to purchase ATI, Hester states that they don't intend to vendor-lock:

That being said, most of the Tier 1 OEMs have told us that they want us to continue to offer a choice and not force them into decisions like Intel does: They do not want to have to pick from a set of Intel chips to get the brand. They want a choice of an integrated and tested platform, parts that work from top to bottom.
Let's hope they truly do stick to that, because the nForce chipsets have been without a huge boon for AMD CPUs. They also discuss new hardware, such as the Fusion processor, the 45nm process, potential deals with Apple and more. It's definitely worth a read. Beyond that, it is refreshing to see AMD speak more and not leave us in the dark.