Sony is planning to launch the rumored version of the PlayStation 3 console with an 80 GB hard drive in South Korea this June 16, according to Satoshi Fukuoka, a spokesman for SCEI in Tokyo.

"At this time there are no concrete plans [to sell the model in other markets] however it could be an option to introduce it in other regions but it needs to be decided by each region," says Satoshi Fukuoka. The machine otherwise has a similar specification to the existing PlayStation 3 model with a 60GB drive, he says.
News that Sony was planning an 80GB model of the console first came in a U.S. regulatory filing with the Federal Communications Commission in March, however considering the PS3 low sales in the U.S. I don't see why Sony would release a pricier version of the already expensive console; perhaps a price drop on the 60 Gig model would be more adequate for the console to compete against its rivals in the U.S. market.