The Wii is doing fantastic all around. In fact, last month it actually managed to soar above all other consoles, including the long-standing champ, the PlayStation 2. Running with that success, Nintendo is predicting it will get even better. Over the next 5 years, they are estimating that it will reach more than 35 million units sold. It continues to gain ground, little by little, on the 360, though the 360 isn't any slouch for sales either.

Not everyone thinks Nintendo is accurate here, and even with 35 million sold they'd still be behind the PS2, which sits at over 38 million sold today. Even so, Nintendo is awfully confident: They have no price reductions planned, and are still claiming their lack of beefy hardware compared to Microsoft or Sony will not slow them down. In fact, they claimed not long ago that before the second half of this year they'd have an additional 45 titles for the console.