If you have ever seen cable TV commercials, you've doubtless seen them compare themselves to satellite TV and heard their boastful claims about superior quality. Lately, Comcast has been running with a campaign that claims satellite customers agree that HD content appears better over cable than it does coming from space. Whether or not that is true, DirecTV has been angered, and is taking Comcast to court. They claim that Comcast is falsely advertising, with no substantial evidence to back up what their commercials claim:

DirecTV representatives indicated that there's no substantial evidence for Comcast's claim that its service is better. "The magid survey upon which Comcast relies does not provide or sufficiently substantiate the propositions for which Comcast cites the survey," the suit said. "Comcast's advertising and promotional claims, including the aforementioned, are literally false."
Attacking the competition is always an inevitability in the tech industry, and invariably someone or some company takes offense. Comcast of course is defending their ads, saying that their impromptu survey is sound in nature. No word on exactly what DirecTV is asking for, though at a bare minimum they will want the ads pulled and Comcast to pay.