The fallout of registrar RegisterFly crumbling to the ground is finally beginning to settle, with ICANN finally working through the gruff and getting 850,000 domain names transferred. After RegisterFly was stripped of its accreditation by ICANN, there were thousands of customers who were unable to modify or renew their domain names or even transfer them to another registrar. Now, a massive 850,000 names have been moved to GoDaddy, enabling former RegisterFly customers to again take control of their domains:

"We worked with ICANN to effect a migration of the RegisterFly domains to and help those customers left in limbo," said CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. "It's what many RegisterFly customers asked us to do. After they are moved over to, all RegisterFly customers will once again be able to manage and renew their domain names with confidence and will also enjoy the world-class support we provide all our customers. We expect the move to be completed over the next week."
This puts GoDaddy in charge of over 20 million domains worldwide. ICANN has taken a lot of flak for their handling of the situation, as well as the length of time they took to come up with a workable solution. A lot of the mess was due to the courts, however, and not a technical problem. It wasn't until last week that the legal road was paved for ICANN to move forward with this.