In a press release issued yesterday, AMD announced the introduction of two new low-power processors aimed at embedded and fanless designs. With the introduction of the Sempron 2100+ and the Geode LX 800, they have a low power and a "ultra" low power design that is ideal for systems without fans or systems that need a very low power profile. The Sempron 2100+ will draw a mere 9W, but offers the higher performance you get from the Athlon architecture. That CPU is probably aimed at media centers, DVRs or other such environments where you need both high processing power but low noise. The Geode demands only a tenth of what the Sempron does at 0.9W, making it perfect for very embedded products like firewalls, radios and other specialty machines.

This ads on to the existing Geode line, which has a long standing history as being a popular chip for embedded devices. However, there exists a noticeable gap when it comes to processors ideal for fanless systems and processors capable of acting as media centers, which both Intel and AMD are now starting to realize. That's where the Sempron fits in, and hopefully they'll continue to expand upon that idea. You can read the full press release at AMD's site.