Would you like a Wii router? Neither would I, but many might. Gemtek is expected to have their WLAN routers with the Wii brand out the door soon, with shipments expected to reach 50,000 units by 2H 2007. On top of that, they are also expected to increase shipments of Wii WLAN modules, expecting a total of 2 million to be shipped this year. That'll be good for the Wii users out there, of which there are over 7 million now, who want wireless access for their console. Unfortunately, DigiTimes doesn't list a source for the claims of Gemtek's shipments and the company themselves are not commenting on it, but it will definitely be a neat addition to the Wii lineup if it does come out.

Gemtek, known for many wireless products, are also fabricating many other wireless products, such as mobile WiMAX units and IP set-top boxes.