Though DDR3 is the future, according to Intel, the technology is still barely beginning to trickle out from the factories, so many manufacturers are rushing to be the first on the block. Only a few vendors so far have revealed DDR3 modules, and now Corsair is joining those ranks. At Computex and via a press release issued today they have revealed their first DDR3 memory kits, which includes four different kits: The "Dominator" family, the "XMS3 DHX" family and the "XMS3 Classic" family. The former of the kits operates at 1600MHz with CAS latencies of 10-8-8-24, the DHX variety operates at 1333MHz at 9-9-924 and the slowest parts operate at 1066MHz at 7-7-7-21.

They claimed a variety of performance advantages, claiming that DOMINATOR will soon reach 2GHz and that their DDR3 operate at a 50% higher clock than the 1066MHz spec. Whether or not all that speed can be put to use remains to be seen. You can read the full press release at Corsair's site. Very soon, we'll be seeing more boards based on the P35 or other DDR3 chipsets and we'll get to see exactly what advantages DDR3 supposedly brings. If you recall with the launch of DDR2, it was met with almost universal disappointment. It wasn't until low-latency DDR2-667 modules and higher that we started seeing boosts over traditional DDR. Will it be the same story for DDR3? For early adopters, I hope not.