Given the beefy specs of the Xbox 360, people have expected a lot from it and continue to do so. What they haven't expected, however, is a remake of one of the oldest video games in history: Pac-Man. Available only on the Xbox 360, Microsoft and NAMCO BANDAI are teaming together to offer this remixed arcade game. In the press release issued today, they announced the new title, which will include the original game (in HD no less) along with six new game modes:

The "Pac-Man Championship Edition" is the same beloved "Pac-Man" game played in pizza parlors and arcades of the '80s but is updated with new features that former "Pac-Man" fanatics and new generations of fans alike will love. It includes new mazes that dynamically change shape during gameplay, six new timed game modes, new soundtracks and high-definition (HD) graphics.
While I somehow doubt this will be anywhere near the hit the original was, it is quite a surprise. This "Pac-Man Championship Edition" is scheduled for official release tomorrow, and is downloadable via Xbox LIVE Arcade. Wakka wakka indeed. You can read the full press release at Microsoft's site.