According to a recent report from Japanese game magazine publisher Enterbrain, the Wii continues widening their lead in the Japanese game console market, selling 251,794 units compared to 45,321 units of the PS3 in May, outselling Sony's console 5 to 1.

In fact, the PlayStation 3 console isn't doing too well in the U.S. either, in April Nintendo sold 360,000 units, while Sony sold 82,000 units of the PS3 and Microsoft sold 174,000 Xbox 360 machines. Many attribute the slow demand for Sony's next-gen console to its high price tag and lack of attractive software titles.

Nintendo has been in front of the handheld gaming market ever since the launch of the Gameboy; in the game console arena, however, the previous two incarnations of its console didn't do too well, marking the Wii as a spectacular comeback. One thing is for sure, the PS3 is dragging Sony's overall profitability; the company posted an operating loss of $1.91 billion in the year ended March 31. Sony, the company that ruled the console market the past decade with the first two generations of its game console, really needs to find a way to catch up (price cut, anyone?) while it is still early to declare a winner in this console cycle.