HD DVD is on the agenda for Toshiba, and obviously they have a huge interest in getting it into the hands of many customers. As the format wars continue, HD DVD has proven itself to be more often than not cheaper to integrate than Blu-ray. Thus, it's no surprise that Toshiba will be one of the first vendors to have all of their notebooks equipped with HD DVD drives. As long as that can remain profitable for them, it certainly will be a great selling point, provided it doesn't mean an increase in cost passed along to the customers. As for the market as a whole, Toshibas minor share might mean that it has little impact:

According to Gartner market researcher, Toshiba commanded 4.1% of the global PC market in Q1 2007, up 0.3 points year-over-year and increasing its shipments by 15.3% annually. The total available market of personal computers (which includes desktop PCs, mobile PCs and x86 servers) was approximately 62.719 million, which means that Toshiba supplied about 2.57 million of computers in Q1 2007.
With that small of a share, they'll have to play that just right. HP is going to one-up them, with dual-format players on the agenda. Personally, I think it will be the dual-format players that will win out overall. That could change if they end up being atrociously expensive, but if HP is planning to make them widely available they probably will be affordable. However, HD DVD will also get a boost from Acer who plans to roll it out soon, sitting now as the number three PC and notebook vendor worldwide.