How goes the hi-def format wars? While most of us probably could not care less who claims to be the winner, and truly know the real winner will be the multi-format players, for the moment it seems that the lower-cost HD DVD camp is on top. In the standalone market (that would be factoring out the PlayStation 3), HD DVD accounts for 60% of the relatively small marketshare, largely due to Toshiba's HD-A2:

Unsurprisingly, Toshiba's heavily (albeit momentarily) discounted HD-A2 was dubbed the "best-selling next-gen DVD player model to date," and we were even told that over 75,000 HD DVD titles were sold in the final week of May alone.
This news must be awful displeasing to Sony, who for all intents and purposes does hold the true lead in Blu-ray player sales given that the PS3 has a little over 3 million units sold. Doubtless, they will come around soon with their own input.

Capable players aside, what matters more than them is how much content is available and being sold on these new formats. Those figures would be more interesting to see than a simple number of deployed standalones.