Sony is rolling out a plethora of new VAIO's, at least over in Japan. Encompassing four different models, Sony has introduced 21 new VAIO laptops in the A, BX, FZ and G series, crafting new offerings for nearly every segment of the laptop market. The A series rings in as a performance line, with many having 17 inch displays, Core 2 Duo processors, dual 120GB HDDs, Blu-ray player options, discrete graphics and a whole lot more.

Some of the models, such as several in the BX series, allow you to choose between using chipset-integrated graphics and discrete graphics, a novel power-saving feature that really should show up more often. The lower end models do not offer Blu-ray, which is odd considering how much Sony wants to push the offering. For OS offerings, Sony really has a mixed bag here. The GZ series offers various iterations of Vista, whereas the BX series offers only Vista Business and XP Pro.

There aren't any entry-level offerings, with the lowest priced unit being at around $900. You can read more information about each specific model. These models are destined for a Japan release next year, with release dates for other countries not yet released.