The primary market for PDAs tends to be the enterprise or other business environments. Fancy phones with a plethora of features, while also finding a niche with enthusiasts, make their name by having a large company adpot them. That's why it must sting Apple a little to see analyst firm Gartner tell IT executives to stay away from their beloved iPhone, set to be released one week from today.

This week, Gartner has warned IT execs to not support the device, based primarily because they believe Apple has no intention of aiming for or supporting the enterprise environment. They are dubbing it a "cellular iPod". Perhaps, though, they are right - Apple truly is targeting the consumer. So far it seems they have done a good job at that. True, it may not have a fit in a business environment. And while there is not a large market for PDAs on the consumer level, perhaps the iPhone will change that.

After all, despite the very hefty price tag of $500 to $600, Apple still has set a lofty goal of 10 million sold before the end of next year. Given how quickly they exploded into the mobile media player market, perhaps that confidence isn't just bluffing.

Businesses might do well to avoid the iPhone - but Apple clearly isn't aiming at them to begin with.