Apple has made us all very well aware of the more than elite pricetag of the iPhone. What of the various accessories and addons, however, which Apple has already been shipping along with their new toy? They have given some prices for some of their additions, including what is sure to be the most popular of them, a bluetooth headset.

The Bluetooth headset gives supposedly 5.5 hours of talk time, and comes in at a price that is really not all that outrages - at $129. While this certainly isn't at the bargain range, most classier bluetooth headsets can easily run $90 and more. The fact that Apple is known for their "coolness premium" makes that pricetag not a surprise at all.

They list a price of $49 for the Dual Dock, which is able to charge the bluetooth headset. Strangely enough, a plain dock that cannot charge the headset costs exactly the same. Other accessories include a USB power adapter, a Dock Connector to USB cable and of course a headset.

As the article mentions, the prices overall are higher than what you see for comparable items for a PDA. However, they aren't "outrageous" or surprising by any means - especially in Apple terms. The prices will, however, give third-parties a huge chance to swoop in and offer "compatible-but-not-quite-Apple" alternatives at much lower prices.