Dell recently announced a partnership with Emerson Network Power to improve data center cooling efficiency in its energy-efficient PowerEdge rack servers while reducing the expense in keeping computers cooled. The combined solution includes Emerson's Liebert XD technology, and AMD's low-power Opteron HE processors.

The Liebert system functions much like a car radiator. The coolant is delivered directly to the cooling coils on the server or server cabinet through a network of hoses. The liquid coolant absorbs the heat, becoming a gas, where it is pumped into a unit that cools it to a liquid form again.
Power and cooling issues continue to be a major concern for IT workers, in many cases data centers are unable to expand because they are limited in how much power they can consume. Dell and Emerson claim customers of the combined products can reduce power consumption for cooling by 42%.

In addition, Dell also announced its Smart Services to complement Dell-Liebert Energy Smart Solutions, helping customers identify power and cooling inefficiencies and developing recommendations to improve and optimize computing capacity, reclaim data center space and reduce energy usage.