Phenom is right on track for a launch in the second half of 2007, according to AMD. While recently rumors regarding shipment delays have abounded, AMD has gone out of their way to state that these rumors are false, and that things are moving to schedule. This mostly circulated around Barcelona, but affected Phenom since AMD plans to release it after their new server CPUs.

AMD is saying that they are very committed to bringing Phenom to market this year, with shipments potentially beginning in November. Motherboard manufacturers aren't so sure, claiming that it won't be until 2008 that these chips will become available. AMD has responded to that in kind, saying their official launch schedule has not changed:

However, AMD has responded to this report by stating that the company's official launch schedule for Phenom remains the second half of 2007 and this schedule has not changed. The company added that it has not contacted motherboard makers concerning a delay to the schedule.
AMD's claims aside, will a rumored setback be enough to drive manufacturers to a different product? According to Digitimes, some vendors are considering slowing shipments of socket AM2+ motherboards in factor of Intel sockets. That is definitely not what AMD wants, particularly now.

November is just a few months away, so AMD definitely needs to get prepared.