Regardless of the motives, the RIAA is no doubt pleased with the actions of the Russian Government. Once again, Russian-based music site has been shut down. Whether it be from the price of the music, the overseas trading or whatever other motivation, it seems they might be shut down for good this time. For a long while, the U.S. has pressured them to shut down the site.

The owner of the site has spoken out against the actions of the U.S. and Russia:

In an interview with P2Pnet, the owners of AllOffMP3 later said that Schwab completely and deliberately mischaracterized AllofMP3, "it is irresponsible to use as a negotiating instrument in an attempt to extract concessions from Russia"
The same company owns another site, MP3Sparks, that offers a similar service, so it's likely we'll hear from them again soon.