Asustek has decided to splinter their company, choosing to separate their contract manufacturing from their name-brand product business. The PC giant has their hands in a lot of markets, and some have seen potential "conflicts of interest" that could interfere with their own business should they continue as is. They will ultimately end up becoming three separate companies, which include Asustek, Unihan Technology Corp and Pegatron Technology Corp.

On the user end, we probably won't notice a difference. Their infamous motherboards, GPUs and laptops will continue to be sold as Asus, with their actual manufacturing being labeled under a different name:

Asustek's name brand business will continue to operate under the same name, while its PC-related manufacturing operations will become Unihan Technology Corp. Asustek's casing, modules and non-PC contract manufacturing business will become Pegatron Technology Corp.
Will this impact their retail products? It's unclear, though there are other success stories in the world of similar moves such as from Acer, when they split of Wistron.