Fujitsu is looking to claim the storage king crown again for small form factor drives, with the introduction of a behemoth mini unit. They are rolling out a slow but large 300GB 2.5” drive, making it currently the largest on the market. Rather than being aimed at laptops, it seems to be aimed just as a more mobile storage unit inside an external enclosure, over a USB 2.0 interface.

There's other niches that 2.5” drives like this one are beginning to fill, such as small servers where space is a premium and power consumption is critical, or in devices like media center PCs where noise can be a factor.

Fujitsu's new unit will be available during the third quarter of this year, and will retail for a price that isn't completely obscene – at around $229. Certainly more expensive per GB than a comparable desktop HDD, but for the size, versatility and newness it is not that bad at all.