eBay is looking to enroach on territory owned by Craigslist, with their expanding of an overseas classified service into the U.S. "Kijiji", which eBay has been operating for a few years, has been made available in a few hundred cities across the U.S., offering more or less the same type of service that Craigslist does - classified ads posted by individuals.

The founder of Craigslist seems unimpressed and not worried:

Reached by phone, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark sounded less than worried about competing against a powerhouse like eBay.
"My take is that anything that helps community is a good thing," Newmark said.

Interestingly enough, eBay owns a notable share of Craigslist - 25% - and has a seat on the board. What is their motivation behind competing with a company they already have a share in? Some could surmise that they are looking to ultimately fully acquire or take over Craigslist, or merge it with their newer offering. Whether or not they do that, they win either way.