More Microsoft expansionism in the news, Nintendo has confirmed this week that they will be giving a rather large chunk of land to Redmond, which will allow the company to expand their headquarters. While they aren't mentioning any immediate construction plans for buildings, they do intend to keep it in reserve and use it in the interim in other capacities:

Microsoft will keep the land in reserve for possible development in the future and use it to help alleviate a parking shortage in the meantime, said Lou Gellos, a company spokesman. The parking garages at the company's adjacent RedWest campus are often filled to capacity.
How much Microsoft is shelling out for the property isn't mentioned, but considering the location and the large size at 28 acres it certainly wasn't cheap.

The land was formerly unused, and now has the potential to house around 2,000 more workers if it is developed. At the same time, they are also expanding their headquarters with 14 new buildings over the next two years, including a new research headquarters.

Clearly, Microsoft is doing very well.