If you happen to be a Symantec fan or enjoy tinkering with new software, Symantec has recently made available two beta versions of some of their most popular software suites. Norton Antivirus 2008 and Norton Internet Security 2008 have both been added to their Public Beta Center for download, for testing purposes only.

They aren't providing any form of official support for these products, and of course warn you against installing it on a production machine. They are looking for feedback on it, and encourage bug reports or other feedback, and do have support forums acting as a mechanism for this.

Increasingly, we see many software vendors release beta versions of their software to their customers, not providing support but soliciting feedback, as Symantec is doing now. While some see this through a red tint, accusing software developers of using customers as guinea pigs, early beta test releases can often help a development team find a slew of bugs they didn't even know exist. And, after all, tinkering with new software is just so much fun.

That is, if there was anything fun about NIS and NAV.