In recent years the leadership in the videocard market has been disputed between Nvidia and ATI, with their biggest selling models belonging to the GeForce and Radeon series, respectively. Now that DirectX 10 games are just starting to surface, many of you may already have, or will at some point, upgrade your gaming rig. In our latest poll we want to know: What graphics card is on your main PC? (see the new poll on the right sidebar of our frontpage).

As for our previous poll, Google clearly proved to be a leader in desktop search among our readers with almost 60 percent of the votes. In comparison, Microsoft’s alternative roughly scored 10 percent, while 21.9 percent of voters claim to use none.

Copernic, which is one of the first companies to work on desktop search doesn't seem to be getting the same kind of attention, this is unfortunate given that it is, according to some of our informal tests, one of the most capable tools from the group listed.