Google has launched a new service aimed at business users with websites that either don't have search engines or are unhappy with the quality of their current search results. Custom Search Engine Business Edition offers a similar search technology present in Google's free Custom Search Engine, except with no ads.

Dave Girouard, vice president and general manager, Google Enterprise, said: “While many of these businesses invest in search advertising and search engine optimization to help customers find their business, customers are left on their own to navigate content once they land on a site.”
The price for Google's 'Custom Search Business Edition', which takes on Microsoft's enterprise business, will start at $100 annually to search up to 5,000 web pages, while for $500 a year, Google will search up to 50,000 web pages. It also includes an XML API for customizing search result presentation, allowing a business, for example, to add a "Buy It Now" button to search results and link it to its products.

Google claims setting the service up can be done online and takes no more than 10 minutes. The new service offers something of a middle ground between the group's current free ad-supported Custom Search Engine and the $30,000+ Google Search Appliance.