Today, Electronic Arts announced the completion of its internal reorganization, headed by its CEO John Riccitiello's, into four main labels, as well as the executive team which will be heading up each brand. One of the surprises of today's announcement was that Peter Moore, Microsoft's vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business division, is leaving the company to become the President of EA Sports.

“Peter Moore’s proven record of leadership in games and sports makes him a terrific fit for heading up EA SPORTS,” said EA CEO John Riccitiello in a press release “As a partner at Microsoft and earlier, as a competitor, we’ve learned to respect his vision and leadership.”
The news comes as sales of the Xbox 360 appear to stall across the globe, with Nintendo quickly closing in. Moore will remain at Microsoft to assist in the transition through August and will then return to the San Francisco Bay area with his family, where they lived until he took the position at Microsoft.

Don Mattrick, EA's former president of worldwide game studios, will take the post leading the Microsoft games business, including Xbox and Games for Windows, effective July 30th.