Intel has updated their processor roadmaps, changing it to include the newer Xeons and where their price point will be. The “Penryn” Xeon DP units in the 45nm line have a huge price gap from the top end to the high end, ranging from $177 to a massive $1,172. What is interesting, however, is the cost of some of the quad-core units. Two of their quad-core Penryns will be under $300:

The quad-core Xeon DP E5405 starts out at $209. The $209 price tag yields a quad-core Xeon DP processor clocked in the 2.0 GHz range, but below 2.33 GHz, with 12MB of L2 cache. Putting forth an extra $47 gets you the quad-core Xeon DP E5410 with its 2.33 GHz clock speed.
That low of a cost for that many cores will be very attractive to small businesses, for sure. The prices quickly scale up from there, Either way, the relatively low power requirements of these CPUs won't go unnoticed either, with even the beefy dual-core 3.33GHz E5260 having a TDP of a mere 65W – clearly showing that the 45nm process has a lot of potential.

These new CPUs are expected at various times over the next year.