It is a bit humorous watching manufacturers make a huge fuss over the baby steps they are taking into the new DDR3 market. Still, it is interesting, and OCZ has today made it a little more so. They've announced that they are now releasing the first 1800MHz DDR3 modules in the market.

These new PC3-14400 modules do require even higher timings than the 1600MHz modules they announced this week, at CL8-8-8. They'll be available only in 1GB standalones or 2GB kits, for now, and use higher voltage than regular DDR3 at 1.9V. This is likely to help achieve the much higher clock speeds that these are running at.

Now that so many vendors have DDR3 available, I want to see it perform - and how it stacks up to the newer DDR2-800 and DDR2-1066 modules. We'll see if all this excitement over higher clock speeds is really worth it. You can read more about these OCZ modules on the product page at their site.