Short-lived service provider Amp'd Mobile is shutting down, starting this week. Not a huge surprise as they have been struggling left and right to not only get customers but get their customers to pay. Now, the company seems to have notified their customers via text message that their service will be ended most likely this week:

Users of the Amp’d Mobile service report that they have received a text message from the carrier informing them that the service may be unavailable as of midnight on Tuesday, July 24.
Interesting enough, one of Amp'd's biggest issues has been getting their customer base to pay – not a surprise considering they were targeting primarily young people who may jump at the offer of cheap service. Even if they did pay regularly, though, the company didn't have the customer base to keep their momentum going – at the cost of $370,000 a day to stay afloat.

As you recall, last month Amp'd filed for bankruptcy, making this conclusion inevitable. Now they will begin selling off what they own, and anyone who is using the Amp'd service will need to find greener pastures.