Intel has introduced two new Ethernet controllers designed to optimize performance in server environments and virtualized data centers. According to the company, network connections have become the bottlenecks of new, faster data centers. The chip maker hopes to break that bottleneck with multiple queues, virtualization capabilities, packet prioritization and new storage networking features.

The new Intel 82598 provides energy-efficient, dual-port, PCI Express-based 10 Gigabit connectivity, while the Intel 82575 Gigabit Ethernet Controller offers the same features at 1 Gigabit connectivity, and is designed for Intel's next-generation quad-port server adapters. By distributing packet processing across all available processing cores, the 82598 and 82575 can offload tasks from server CPUs to boost system performance.

"We introduced our first Ethernet controller 25 years ago, and today continue with our leadership with our second generation 10GbE controller," says Tom Swinford, general manager of Intel's LAN Access Division. "Our new low-power, high-performance, dual port 10GbE controller doubles past connectivity to better meet the ever-increasing server traffic loads of LAN and Ethernet Storage."
The Intel 82575 Gigabit Ethernet Controller is available now, while the Intel 82598 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller will be in full production in September. The company did not disclose pricing though.