Sony has claimed that following the two week period after the recent ‘price cut’ of the 60GB PlayStation 3, sales in North America have jumped 135 percent for the $499 console, according to “preliminary internal data.”

"The new price on the 60 GB PS3, coupled with our very strong software showing from E3, is certainly paying dividends in terms of impressive sales across the board at retail," said Jack Tretton, president and CEO of SCEA in a statement.
After the $100 price cut on July 9, Wal-Mart, Target, Circuit City and GameStop have all reported huge increases in sales of the console, though no official figures are available thus far. The surge in PS3 sales has reportedly helped to send total PlayStation hardware up 161 percent, software up 15 percent and peripherals by 60 percent.

Tretton didn’t miss the opportunity to outline the upcoming lineup of promising PS3 software, including an “impressive arsenal of hardware and software” and the launch of highly anticipated games such as Lair and Warhawk. Whether Sony’s numbers are to be believed or not, market watcher NPD's July figures will show if Sony's gains have come at the expense of Microsoft and Nintendo, when they are available in the coming weeks.