Alienware has a notable reputation for offering high-end desktops and laptops, used mainly for gaming and editing purposes. Continuing with the adoption of solid-state disks as an alternative to standard hard drives, Alienware said Tuesday that it has begun adding solid-state disk options to its notebooks, including a 64-Gbyte RAID 0 option.

“Alienware's new flash-based solid state drive solutions dramatically accelerate performance for mobile storage applications,” said Bryan de Zayas, Associate Director of Product Marketing at Alienware. “From blazing load times to rock-solid durability, all the essential features that customers look for in a notebook are maximized in Alienware mobile systems loaded with solid state drives.”
Alienware will offer the speedy drives in its Area-51 m5550, Area-51 m9750 and Aurora m9700 notebooks. Customers can choose from single 32GB Solid- State Drive, a 32GB SSD combined with a 200GB 7,200RPM HDD, or a 64GB Solid- State Drive RAID 0 dual configuration.

As with many of Alienware’s products, you can expect the new SSD configurations to be quite pricey. Starting at $500 for a single 32GB SSD, ranging up to a whopping $920 for the RAID set-up. The new SSD options are currently available from Alienware's online website.