How quickly could IPTV grow? How receptive are people to watching videos online? Quite quickly and quite a few if a recent study is to be believed. It states that 1 in 5 Internet users in the U.S. watch video online. There's an age split for the type of video, between young and old, but still shows how quickly something that has been around for just a few short years has grown.

YouTube, of course, is a huge part of this:

But the rapid rise of the video-sharing site YouTube, which Google Inc. bought in November, drew many younger viewers. Half of video viewers ages 18-29 watch clips on YouTube, and about 15 percent cite News Corp.'s MySpace. Only 7 percent turn to a cable or network TV site.
Ease of use combined with hordes of accessible content has assisted this, for sure. The study has other details, such as broadband versus dialup for video watching. Very interesting.