Over the years, PC components have become increasingly faster. As a result, they tend to generate the amount of heat that can't always be dissipated without spinning, and often noisy, fans. They are not the only source of noise, for sure. Hard disks with platters that spin at very high speeds are also a major source of noise. In our latest poll we want to know: What makes the most noise in your PC? (See the new poll on the right sidebar of our frontpage).

As for our previous poll, Nvidia was the big winner among our readers, with 56.8 percent of the votes, and almost half of them for the GeForce 7 series at 22.3 percent. Admittedly, the GeForce 6 should have been included in the poll, and it shows with the high percentage of votes in the "Other GeForce" category. The Radeon 9 series, which scored only 8.4 percent, was ATI’s most popular card among voters.