This certainly didn't take long. The iPhone faced harsh criticism before release for its non-replaceable battery, with many people concerned it wouldn't be strong enough or that their phone might die after a year. Apple answered both of those calls, to a degree, upgrading the battery capacity before release and creating a replacement plan.

The core of the problem remained, however, in that the battery cannot be serviced in the field. This has upset some customers enough to file a lawsuit against Apple, At first glance, however, the suit seems to be pretty weak – it was well known that the battery wasn't replaceable, and some of the statements in it contradict Apple's own claims, such as the number of recharge cycles the battery is good for.

While it was probably a mistake to a fab a phone with a battery you can't get at, a lawsuit seems a bit much. As the article speculates, I doubt this will get very far. However, maybe Apple will think twice about repeating this same mistake in the future.