Microsoft has done well to acquire numerous software suites, the majority of which offer a benign and free service to their users. Coming from so many different vendors initially and the fractured state of Microsoft development however, it means to access all of their services you have a huge host of programs to install.

They are adjusting that, and soon the entire “Windows Live” suite will be offered as one big download. The installer will carry with it all the tools needed to access things like Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Folders, email and others. Their aim is obvious: Integration.

He described it as a single download that will let consumers connect to multiple Live-branded hosted services, such as e-mail and messaging. People will be able to access these services from different devices, including PCs and phones, he said.
"This unified installation experience is one example of the more integrated experience we'll deliver with the next generation of Windows Live services," Johnson said.

Not available for download just yet, they will begin beta testing the suite within the next few months.