As consumers and system builders become increasingly energy conscious, it's not uncommon these days to hear about companies in the tech industry releasing their own "green" product lineups to meet this demand. To that end, memory and component manufacturer Corsair unveiled on Wednesday a couple of new power supplies with an eco-friendly design dubbed the VX Series.

The new series consists of two products, the VX 450W and the VX550W, both of which meet the Energy Star 2007 Standard. Their design differs from that of the enthusiast-oriented HX series in that they only have one +12V rail rather than three. Corsair claims their VX units operate with 80% or higher rated efficiency, active power factor correction, and features a temperature-controlled double ball-bearing 120mm fan which delivers "whisper quiet operation."

"Corsair has engineered a power supply that appeals to both the enthusiast as well as the cost conscious system builder," said Jack Peterson, vice president of marketing at corsair. "We leveraged everything we learned from our award-winning HX Series of modular power supplies to build the most reliable, Eco-friendly value priced PSU in the market."
The VX450 carries a suggested price tag of $85.99, while the VX550 version will cost you $99.99. Both models are available now from the usual retailers and are covered by a five-year limited warranty.