In a press release issued this week, OCZ has announced a new set of DDR3 modules aimed at gamers. They don't boast to be the absolute fastest, but are an introduction of OCZ's DDR3 line into their long-standing Gold Series. Available at first in 2GB kits and 1GB modules, OCZ says the new memory is aimed specifically at gamers:

"To meet the needs of all levels of consumers during the proliferation of DDR3 technology OCZ is now introducing a DDR3-12800 Gold kit specifically designed for gamers looking to take advantage of the performance benefits of DDR3 technology in their cutting-edge desktops."
The units will operate at 8-8-8-26 latencies using 1.8V, and also feature 1.95 EVP, which is just OCZ's way of letting their customers overvolt their memory without voiding the warranty. You can read more about the modules in particular at OCZ's product page for them or read the full press release.