Lenovo is looking to expand a bit, perhaps further into the European market, by acquiring Packard Bell. Along the same lines, they mentioned that Acer is not competing with them and that the deals they are discussing were “exclusive”.

Financial details aren't mentioned, nor what Lenovo would do with a desktop PC maker. Recently, Packard Bell has entered into the media player market, though nothing to shadow Apple. As they are doing particularly well in the laptop market, it is unlikely they will change any of their existing plans in lieu of a new venue.

Packard Bell is a company I never expected to hear from again. Once a fairly well-known equipment and PC retailer in the U.S., the company fell on hard times and lost a lot of face due to a scandal with them putting used components into PCs. Eventually, they coughed up money in a settlement over the issue. They have, however, remained successful in Europe – which makes one wonder how Lenovo plans to utilize the company if they do acquire them, and whether or not we'll see a reemergence of the brand in the U.S.

Perhaps Lenovo wants to enter the desktop or handheld media player market?