According to a report by DigiTimes, citing sources at PC makers, Intel plans to unify the product names for most of the CPU and platform family of products beginning on January 2008. Te move, said Intel, is aimed to simplify the choices for consumers and businesses and to create an efficient, less complex and more sustainable brand roadmap, while minimizing the impact to customers.

Under the new naming scheme, Intel Core 2 processors will lose their "Solo", "Duo" or "Quad" differentiators, and instead will be marketed under Intel Core 2 brand-names. Pentium Dual-Core and Pentium D processors will be sold under the Intel Pentium label, despite of the fact that they are based on different micro-architectures. Similarly, Itanium 2 processors will change to just Itanium. Nevertheless, naming for Intel Celeron, Intel Core Extreme and Intel Xeon will remain unchanged.

On the mobile front, Centrino and Centrino Duo will be dubbed "Intel Centrino Processor Technology" while Centrino Pro will have its name changed to "Centrino with vPro Technology." Intel expects to finish its naming change before March 31, 2008.