In some good news that will make nobody sad, Dutch police have arrested six 419 scammers. For running scams on many people, including one particular single heist that resulted in a victim losing $1.5 million, the six suspects were arrested in the Netherlands. Curiously, the scam mentioned in particular went on for about a year before the man realized he was being ripped off:

The alleged scam, which spanned at least four continents, started about a year ago in Japan. After parting with considerable sums of money to cover notary fees and other costs, the victim finally figured out he was getting ripped off and notified police.
This smaller arrest follows up one just two months ago of much larger proportions, in which 111 suspected 419ers were arrested. I don't know how someone lets $1.5 Million slip away before realizing these people are up to no good, but at least some more criminals have been caught.