Sony has struck several sour notes recently with many people, with their numerous market mishaps and other bumbling. However, this latest tidbit from them is actually very nice to hear, and something that inspires a bit of hope in a company we all thought had gone mad.

Partnering with Waste Management, Sony is pioneering a new nationwide recycling program, which will launch later this year. Spread across the U.S., they are opening 75 collection facilities that will accept used electronics The aim is to see these units torn apart and recycled, rather than chucked into landfills. Over the course of the next few months, they plan to bump those 75 locations up to 150 locations.

As for what can be brought, it seems any old Sony product can be brought in for free. Hardware from other manufacturers will be accepted, but will incur a fee - this is not at all different from most existing recycling programs, which impose small fees based on the type of hardware you are looking to recycle.

Whether or not Sony sees this as a money-making venture, the huge amounts of old electronics aging and needed to be recycled is only growing - so on this project, I give Sony some credit. I'll be watching for more information on this one.