AOL wants to enter the realm of user-generated video, stepping into a world currently dominated by YouTube. A little over a year and a half ago, AOL scooped up a small video search company called Truveo. For a long while, nothing much has come of it, and AOL's exact plans weren't known.

Now, they have re-launched Truveo, turning it into an experience similar to YouTube. What's the catch? AOL claims they are fully incorporating both amateur and professional video into the site, giving it an advantage over other video sites in terms of the type of content available:

"While today's popular video sharing sites offer a wide variety of user-generated video, they rarely give users the opportunity to find professional, mainstream video. The new solves this problem, so whether it's a dog riding a skateboard or the latest episode of The Daily Show, is the one-stop site for finding videos from across the Web."
On top of that, the re-imagined Truveo search can give up results to both free and paid video streams, apparently in such a fashion that obeys copyright. Given the trouble Google has had over copyright violations and YouTube, AOL might stand to gain quite a bit.