Via is expanding their offerings in the ultra-low power field of X86 computing, with a new model of Eden ULV. The new processor, operating at 500MHz, consumes a minuscule 1W. That is very ideal for embedded applications, and it is expected that manufacturers have already begun using the CPU in several pieces of hardware:

Several IPC (industrial PC) makers including Advantech have already adopted the new Eden ULV processor and products are expected to begin appearing on the market later this month, noted sources at VIA. Lanner, another Taiwan-based IPC maker, pointed out that it has already designed the CPU into several network appliances and embedded boards.
Via isn't the only one competing for incredibly low power computing. Intel's XSCALE, for instance, consumes a mere half-watt of power at 600MHz. However, for x86 platforms, Via is definitely a leader in terms of low-power combined with performance.

This new Eden CPU is clocked at half the speed of their next available ULV, at 1GHz. However, it uses less than a third of the power - indicating that Via may have refined their manufacturing techniques. It's entirely possible to see their ULV line as a whole updated soon with lower TDPs, though that is just speculation.