Intel says: "Gaming on Integrated Graphics: No Longer Crazy Talk." Should gamers take note? Most likely not, although a free speed boost for your laptop is always well received:

Now G965 owners can boast much higher performance and support for more games. Games like Call of Duty 2, Far Cry (the game used as a poor example by some of our competitors) and Battlefield 2 (which didn't even run) are now playable. Overall, expect a significant boost in performance for many games. But don't just take my word for it, download the drivers here. The driver will also support the mobile chipset and upcoming Intel G35 chipset.
Hey Eminem, blame the system, not Apple (right because Apple is never the one to blame)... Lawsuit filed by rapper Eminem, one of three copyright complaints pending against Apple, points to bigger problems with the music industry that won't be easily solved in the courtroom.

eBay says Skype was not attacked: The recent outages the VoIP service has suffered are due to an algorithm problem, not an alleged denial-of-service code posted by Russian hackers. Infoworld