Sony recently announced its plans to introduce a new external device, dubbed PlayTV, for the PlayStation 3 game console that allows users to watch high-definition TV broadcasts and record them to the game unit's hard drive and then transfer them to the PlayStation Portable. The new device, which was announced at the Leipzig Games Convention, will be sold in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain from early 2008, with other European countries to follow. No US launch seems to be in sight, though.

The company also announced the Go! Video download service for the PlayStation Portable handheld device via a joint venture with British Sky Broadcasting, enabling users in the UK and Ireland to watch Sky content while on the move.

Other notable announcements include the new Go! Messenger service which will add video and voice call capabilities to the PSP and the new Go! Explore service that will provide in-car and pedestrian GPS navigation to Sony's portable device. The recent round of announcements give users a glimpse of the full capabilities of Sony's hardware which they are touting as more than just gaming machines.