Intel said today it will introduce a version of its vPro platform designed to improve protection of corporate machines from hackers, viruses and other threats. The updated vPro packages the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Q35 Express chipset, which the company says will give 30 percent greater performance than the previous generation while significantly reducing power consumption. It also introduces Intel's hardware-based Trusted Execution Technology (TXT).

Intel TXT protects data within virtualized computing environments by creating multiple separated execution environments, or partitions, which are protected from unauthorized access from software in other partitions. In addition, vPro will ship with the third generation of Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) to help diagnose and repair PCs even when the system is turned off or has suffered an OS or hard drive crash.

Other enhancements include better System Defense Filters, which can monitor more potential threats to a business' network traffic and support for new standards from Desktop Mobile Working Group (DMWG), which is a specification for compatibility across PC hardware and software. Dell, HP and Lenovo, among others, are offering Intel's updated vPro platform in their lineups of business PCs.